Switching regulator DC-DC with adjustable voltage and current, 1.25-36VDC 0-5A

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Switching regulator, DC-DC step-down Buck using a XL4015E with high frequency and efficiency that allows tension lowering in a range between 1.25 and 36VDC with output current adjustable from 0 to 5A.
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It’s a regulator that uses switching technology to step-down and leveling voltage with a high efficiency and low power dissipation to disperse less power in heat.

With its adjustable voltage output from 1.25 to 36VDC and adjustable current from 0.2 to 3A, it’s integrates a short-circuit protection, current limiter, and overtemperature protection.

Essential to power your Arduino projects, and in applications such as high-power LEDs, in lithium charger, nickel cadmium, in solar charging nickel-hydride and batteries for wind generators.

Technical specifications:

Input voltage: 4~ 38VDC

Output voltage: 1.25-36VDC± 4% (maximum load conditions)

Output current: 0.2-3A

Efficiency: up to 96% (higher output voltage, the greater the efficiency)

Switching frequency: 180 kHz

Drop in voltage: 2VDC


Voltage adjustment: ± 0.5%

Ripple: approx. 100 mV output (Vin = 12VDC)


Operating temperature: -40° C ~ 85° C

Short-circuit protection, current limiter, protection overtemperature protection


Dimensioni: 5.4 x 2.3 x 1.5 cm



For more informations download datashet.

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