Board with 8 displays and 8 keys

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Peripheral board with 8 displays, LED and keys for Arduino.
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The boards includes: keys, LEDs and 7-segments displays -Just 3 I/O gates to be controlled -TM1638 included -Provided with connection cable (20 cm lenght) When used with Arduino, connnect 4 pin that are the minimum necessary for the connection of a single module. Each additional module needs another digital pin connected to STB2, STB3, etc…. Each module set at full brightness consumes 127 mA, so that it’s advisable to use external supply, essential if several modules are connected. Software – download and install the Arduino library T1638 To get started   include the library : # include <TM1638.h> Use one of the following options for each module: TM1638 (x,y ,z) module; x   is the digital pin of Arduino connected to the cable of the module 4. y   is the digital pin of Arduino connected to the cable of the module 3. z   is the multiplex pin. Bicolor LEDs The control of the color of the LEDs (red/green) is easy The LEDs are numbered from zero to seven, from left to right. To activate or deactivate one single LED, use the following codes: module.setLED (TM1638_COLOR_RED, x); / / set the x LED to red module.setLED (TM1638_COLOR_GREEN, x); / / set the x LED to green module.setLED (TM1638_COLOR_RED + TM1638_COLOR_GREEN, 0); / / set the x led to green and red. Technical specifications: - 8 seven-segments + dot LED displays - 8 input keys - 8 bicolor control LEDs - I/O interface for serial communications - 8 levels of brightness regulation - 2x5 pin connector The pin in the upper right is the number one, the pin in the lower right is the number nine and the one in the lower left is the number ten. The corresponding pinout is: 1. Vcc (5V) 2. GND 3. CLK 4. DIO 5. STB1 6. STB2 7. STB3 8. STB4 9. STB5 10. not connected

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