Arduino Shields

Shield for Arduino that allow you to interface our electronic platforms optimizing space with the concept of modularity. "Stacking" one or more shield on the Arduino board you can expand the capabilities of our system. There are shield to interface an ethernet network, shield to connect to a wifi siftema, shield to create a bluethoot connection shield for controlling the motors, shield to connect to industrial systems such as Modbus, shield to process video or audio, to make communicating shield our arduino with gSM network or via the same send messages or email, to integrate sensors arduino shield, shield or shield lCD monitor to create human-machine interfaces and much more.
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Input Signal
  1. USB (1)
Output signal
  1. RS232 (1)
  2. TTL (1)
  1. Audio (2)
  2. Bluetooth (1)
  3. CAN (1)
  4. Connections (7)
  5. Datalogger (1)
  6. Display (4)
  7. GSM (2)
  8. Motor (4)
  9. Relay (3)
  10. RFID (1)
  11. USB (2)
  12. WiFi (6)
  13. Xbee (2)

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