3 mm green-red LED matrix 8x8

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new 8x8 matrix display made up of 64 3 mm green-red LED for nice applications.
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New matrix display made up of 64 3 mm green-red LEDs, the internal wiring allows to reduce the 64 connections needed to drive each led to 24 lines to connect to a microcontroller. With 24 digital ports and 16 resistances you manage to turn on every single led to display symbols, small pictures, smiles and light games. Technical specifications: Led per module number: 64 Led diameter: 3.7 mm Led color: red-green Working voltage: 1.9 ~ 3.5 Vcc Operating temperature range: -30 ~ 70° Connection strip (2 rows of 8 contacts): 2.54mm PVC protection film: 2µm Dimensions: 32x32 mm Weight: 27 g Connection modalities: 5,20,6,19,7,18,8,17,9,16,10,15,11,14,12,13: anodes 1,2,3,4,21,22,23,24: cathodesi To get more informations check the datasheet at: www.plexishop.it/pdf/SanYoung-Medium-RG.pdf

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