Optoisolated module to optocouplers and MOSFET for PLC with 16 channels, 8A

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Module that equips eight optocouplers and MOSFET for driving heavy loads with absorption up to 8A, ensuring perfect electrical insulation. Compatible with PLC systems produced both by Mitsubishi that by Siemen for the control of motors, actuators, solenoid and other various devices.
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This module is equipped with eight optocouplers and power MOSFET that can drive heavy direct current loads with absorption up to 8A. It is perfectly adapted to be implemented in systems controlled by Mitsubishi and Siemens PLC.
The inputs are compatible with both the control logic (NPN and PNP), depending to the PLC used, simply connect the common point (COM) to GND or to VCC. The input and output terminals are electrically isolated through the use of optocouplers, this allows to control loads such as motors and devices in general, with very small input signals and providing a perfect electrical insulation and preserving the integrity of the control system.
It can be widely used for the control of motors, actuators, solenoid using a PLC. The compact size and the rapid assembly and connection through the terminal screws on the PCB, make it easy to use.

Technical specifications:
Maximum operating voltage: 12-24VDC
Output voltage loads: 0~40VDC
Maximum output current: 8A per channel
Number of channels: 16
Mosfet type: N channel
Complete with plastic support for mounting on standard DIN rails
Status LED for each channel

Dimension: 118 x 72 x 20mm

Connection mode:
1: activation signal channel 1
2: activation signal channel 2
3: activation signal channel 3
4: activation signal channel 4
5: activation signal channel 5
6: activation signal channel 6
7: activation signal channel 7
8: activation signal channel 8
9: activation signal channel 9
10: activation signal channel 10
11: activation signal channel 11
12: activation signal channel 12
13: activation signal channel 13
14: activation signal channel 14
15: activation signal channel 15
16: activation signal channel 16
COM: input common point - GND for logic PNP - VCC for NPN
COM: input common point - GND for logic PNP - VCC for NPN

VS: Common output
1: output signal channel 1
2: output signal channel 2
3: output signal channel 3
4: output signal channel 4
5: output signal channel 5
6: output signal channel 6
7: output signal channel 7
8: output signal channel 8
9: output signal channel 9
10: output signal channel 10
11: output signal channel 11
12: output signal channel 12
13: output signal channel 13
14: output signal channel 14
15: output signal channel 15
16: output signal channel 16

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