8x8 Led array module

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The module is madu up of a led matrix(dot matrix).
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The module includes a 8x8 led array that allows to display each single alphanumeric character (7x5 pixel). Leds are organized in 8 lines of 8 pixels with common cathode configuration as required for MAXIM 7219 controller. The controller generates the current to turn on each single line in sequence. It is organized in 8 digits for 8 segments (in memory of 7-segments displays). The current, and leds brightness can be adjusted acting on a resistence external to the chip or through the use of an internal register of programmation. Supply voltage is of 5V. SPI interface. Technical specifications: - Led matrix display - MAX7219 Controller - SPI Interface - The module is expandable - supply voltage: 5V - Dimensions 50x32x15 mm Connection modalities: 1. 4 pin connector a. Pin-1 Input voltage b. Pin-2 GND c. Pin-3 Serial Data d. Pin-4 Permission signal e. Pin-5 clock signal

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