GY-9250 module, 9-axis accelerometer gyroscope magnetometer

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The GY-9250 module integrates a 3-axis gyroscopic sensor, a 3-axis magnetometer and a 3-axis accelerometer, and it is based on the chip MPU-9250.

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Product Description


The MPU-9250 combines three sensors in three axes and specifically a gyroscope, an accelerometer and a magnetometer to a digital signal processor (DMP).

Is the ideal solution for portable applications, video game controller, pointers with control of movement and all those solutions that provide the detection of the displacement and the movement of items.

Being all integrated in a tiny chip, the overall size of the module is drastically reduced compared to a solution with separate chip for each task.

Is an integrated designed to be combined with other sensors such as a pressure sensor due to the auxiliary output compatible with the I2C protocol.

Incorporates nine 16bit ADC converters used for accelerometer and gyroscopic sensors (one for each axis) for the highest precision of the conversion of the data detected. To combine precision speed each sensor can give a programmable output in different ranges carried in the technical specifications. This module lends itself very well to be operated by Arduino and many more development kit.


Technical specifications:

Supply voltage: 3-5Vcc

Communication protocol: I2C


Fully programmable measuring range: ± 250, ± 500, ± 1000 to ± 2000 ° / sec

ADC: 16bit


Fully programmable measuring range: ± 2g, ± 4g, ± 8g and ± 16g

ADC: 16bit


Module size: 25 x 15mm

Mounting holes: 3mm

Gold plated contacts


Connection mode:

1. VCC

2. GND

3. SCL

4. SDA

5. EDA

6. ECL

7. AD0

8. INT

9. NCS



Strip line pitch: 2.54mm


For more informations download this file:

User guide   Product specification   Register map and descriptions

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 02A278 (ARD09222CN)
Output Type Digital
Input Voltage 3.3 V, 3.5 V
Terminals Headers
Target Module
Min Input Voltage N/A
Max Input Voltage N/A


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