FT232RL microUSB adapter RS-232 TTL

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Allows to emulate a COM port on a Personal Computer connecting it to an USB port.
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It allows to convert serial signals coming from USB 2.0 and to adapt it to RS-232 TTL standard. It employes the famous integrated FT232RL of the FTDI, provided with 128 byte incoming buffer and 256 broadcasting buffer that pledges strength in high speed transmissions up to 3Mbaud/s. In addition to TX and RX signals there are CTS, RTS and the other handshaking lines. A selector ,composed by pitches on the underlying side, allows, through a small welding, to select between 3.3Vcc and 5Vcc voltage to supply the connected devices, without the aid of additional chargers, minimizing in this way the connections. Allows to connect Personal Computers to any microcontroller trhough USB port. It can easily and directly be connected to MCU’s like Arduino, PIC , ATMEL,ARM etc… Completely compatible with breadbord insertion for rapid prototypes. Technical specifications: Self powerd from USB port Output Voltage (selectable through jumpers): 3.3-5.25Vcc Max Output current : 500mA at 5V / 50mA at 3.3V LED display: TX e RX Connection strip: 2.54mm Connection modalities: 1. GND 2. CTS 3. VCC 4. TX 5. RX 6. DTR Driver: www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm FTDI To get more informations have a look to www.plexishop.it/pdf/FT232RL adattatore microUSB RS-232 TTL.pdf datasheet .

Additional Information

Additional Information

Input Signal USB
Output signal RS232, TTL


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