Arduino TM1638 and MCU module with switches, led and 8-digit with 8-segments display

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On this module, we found two displays piloted by TM1638 driver that allows viewing of 8 digits, between letters and numbers and we found 8 leds and switches configurable independently. The reduced number of connections saves microprocessor resource. Compatible with Arduino, MCU and various other development kit.

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The LED displays are electronic devices capable of displaying the numeric digits 0 to 9, and some alphabetic letters and graphic symbols, through the lighting of combinations of seven (or in this case eight) light segments consist of LED diodes, connected suitably between them in such a way as to reduce the number of connections to the output.
This module consists by two displays and allows you to view 8-digit and 8 decimal points. Driven by a driver on board the PCB, the TM1638, supports 8 different brightness levels and saves resources and number of connections to the processor that will pilot (MCU, Arduino and other development kit). It can be used to display, for example in a digital instrument, the measurement of an electrical quantity, the date, time and other information represented. On board we found 8 leds and configurable buttons to expand the functionality and minimize the modules connected to your Arduino, in order to optimize and make concrete your ideas and electronic projects.

Technical specifications:

Color: super red
Connection Mode: common cathode
Digit size: 0.56"
Viewing Angle: 30 °
Display thickness: 8mm
8 LEDs connected in common cathode mode
8 tact switches

Dimensions: 75 x 48 x 10h mm
Weight: 28g

Connection mode:

1. VCC
2. GND
3. STB
4. CLK
5. DIO

Strip line pitch: 2.54mm

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Additional Information

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