Geared stepper motor NEMA17 OK42STH48-1684A, 14:1

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Geared stepper motor NEMA17 OK42STH48-1684A, high holding torque. Perfect for industrial automation applications, CNC, robotics and 3D printing. It integrates a gear reduction box with ratio of 14:1, which allows to increase resolution of rotation and the maximum torque.

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The stepper motor, is a brushless synchronous electric motor in direct current, that can divide its rotation in a large number of steps. The motor position can be accurately controlled without having to resort to closed loop control (feedback) if the size and type of engine are chosen correctly for the application. The stepper motors hybrid with permanent magnet are for the most part produced according to the flanges defined by the NEMA standard.
The NEMA17 standard is widely used in industrial machinery such as CNC machines and for all applications in which is required precision in the angular displacement and the speed of rotation as for example in the field of 3D printing. This stepper motor integrates a gear reduction box with ratio of 1: 14, which allows to increase resolution of rotation and the maximum torque. Specific for application that requires very high precision and resolution of rotation, for example in the fourth axis of a CNC or extruder of a 3D printer.
The angle of rotation obtained thanks to a reduction gearbox is of 1.8°/14 = 0.128 ° in full step.

Technical specifications:

Angular displacement: 1.8° (full step)
Accuracy: ±5% (full step, with no load)
Current per phase: 1.68A
Resistance per phase: 1.8Ω ±10Ω
Inductance per phase: 2.8mH
Holding torque: 4800g·cm
Number of phases: 2
Shaft diameter: Ø 8mm
Shaft length: 20mm

Gearbox type: planetary
Gear ratio: 14:1
Efficiency: 81%
Backlash at no-load: ≤1°
Max. permissible torque: 3Nm
Moment permissible torque: 5Nm
Shaft maximum axial load: 50N
Shaft maximum radial load: 100N

Dimensions: 42.3 x 42.3 x 48mm
Weight: 550g

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Additional Information

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